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  • Drinking coffee is not bad for your bone health
  • Heavy coffee drinkers tend to have stronger bones
  • So, gulp down some coffee regularly to keep your bones healthy

Drinking lots of coffee is good for your bones, suggests a new study. Therefore, become a coffeeholic to get strong bones. The findings of the study are published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Most of us can't get the day going without our morning coffee. But, have you ever considered if your java habit could be good or bad for your bones?
Drinking Coffee can Boost Your Bone Health

A recent study looked at coffee and its relationship to bone health.

The study, which looked at data on 564 people, found people who habitually drank coffee had higher bone mass density than non-coffee drinkers.

"Three metabolites, in particular, were associated with an increase in bone density in the population, and also, a decrease in the risk of fracture," said Chad Deal, M.D., of Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, the U.S., who did not take part in the study.

Dr. Deal said the relationship between coffee and bone health has been studied before, and the results have been conflicting.

Is Drinking Coffee Good for Your Bones?

Previous research has shown that the more caffeine a person drinks, the more calcium is excreted from the body. And since the main mineral component in bone is calcium, he said this could potentially create a calcium imbalance and inhibit bone formation.

Dr. Deal suggests heavy coffee drinkers, who have low bone mass, have testing performed to check calcium excretion levels.

The bottom line is, if you're a coffee drinker, you shouldn't be worried about its impact on your bone health.

"For all those folks who drink lots of coffee and are concerned about the health effects of coffee, this is good news," he said. "It appears to show that coffee is, in general, probably good for bone health."

Dr. Deal said a potential benefit from this research comes from the identification of specific metabolites in coffee that are good for bone health. He said this opens the door for more possibilities when it comes to creating new drugs to help protect bone health in the future.

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