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Creating Awareness About Lung Cancer 2017- Shine A Light Your Way

Creating Awareness About Lung Cancer 2017 – Shine A Light Your Way

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  • Lung cancer awareness month is observed in November every year to create and spread awareness about lung cancer, including the importance of early diagnosis and prevention.
  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer worldwide irrespective of gender or ethnicity. It is estimated that about 200,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed every year in the US.
  • Most cases of lung cancer are associated with a history of cigarette smoking.

Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign - How It Began

The lung cancer awareness campaign began way back in 1995 when one day was observed as the "Lung Cancer Awareness Day". However as the movement gained momentum and the community grew it evolved into a month long event observed annually worldwide.

The event has been sponsored by the Lung Cancer Alliance since 1995, a highly rated nonprofit organization dedicated to creating awareness about the disease, importance of early detection and prevention in saving lives. Their mission is to save lives and reduce lung cancer deaths by educating persons who are at risk of getting lung cancer or suffering from the disease, and also help to advance lung cancer research.

Goals of Lung Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

This month-long awareness campaign aims to help people who are at high risk for lung cancer to obtain an early diagnosis and treatment in the initial stage of the disease when it is easier to treat and potentially cure it.


Recent research suggests that there is a 20 percent decrease in lung cancer deaths when lung cancer screening with low dose CT scan is performed instead of a standard chest X-ray. CT scan is a much more sensitive screening test and early detection of the disease before it has spread to the local lymph nodes or other organs makes it easier to treat the disease, increasing the chances of a cure.

Ways of Getting Involved in Lung Awareness Campaign

As for any campaign, the more people that get involved and participate, the better the reach and success. Some of the ways we can contribute to make the campaign successful and prevent lung cancer are by highlighting the importance of regular cancer screening, the dangers of smoking, pollution and chemicals and importance of early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Use the social media such as Facebook to have a telling effect. Download campaign materials from the web and click a selfie within the photo frame and share with friends.
  • You can also click a photo of yourself and your family or friends holding a message about lung cancer and share it on social media to spread the awareness.
  • Share your story about overcoming lung cancer or coping with lung cancer in a loved one on social media and inspire others.
  • Donate to an organization involved in creating awareness about lung cancer or funding research on lung cancer.
  • Organize your own fundraiser event in your community such as a baking event, sale of "lung cancer awareness" tee shirts, mugs or other artefacts to educate the general population. This year's theme "Shine a light on lung cancer", urges people to start or become actively involved in fund raising events to do their bit for lung cancer awareness.
  • Organize motivational speeches by cancer survivors or healthcare professionals in local schools or offices to raise lung cancer awareness and how to prevent lung cancer and risk factors for lung cancer.
  • Doctors can conduct free lung cancer screening programs in their hospitals during this month to create lung cancer awareness in the population.
  • Participate in a lung cancer awareness walk or run to create and spread awareness.
  • Use the print and electronic media to carry messages about lung cancer prevention and to increase participation in events organized in the local community.
Such awareness campaigns in the community and social media and the funds generated from these will help to
  • Promote lung cancer research
  • Increase the available resources and support base needed to spread awareness
  • Last but not least, it will push people at risk on the path of early diagnosis and treatment

About Lung Cancer - Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide and it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms and seek early medical attention.

The main signs and symptoms of lung cancer include:
Unfortunately, most cases of lung cancer are asymptomatic in the early stages and become symptomatic only when the disease becomes advanced. It is thus important to consult a doctor immediately if you note any of the above changes.

Tips on Preventing Lung Cancer

Although it may not be possible to prevent lung cancer, we can certainly reduce its risk by the following measures:
  • Avoid smoking and quit if you are already a smoker
  • Avoid exposure to second hand or passive smoke
  • Reduce your risk of exposure to carcinogens for example, asbestos in the work place. Wear a mask to protect yourself. Consult your physician for more advice
  • Consult your physician about whether lung cancer screening is suitable for you
  • Check your home for radon levels, especially if you live in a high risk environment
  • Eat healthy and include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Exercise regularly
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