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 Control Blood Pressure With Non-Alcoholic Red Wine
Drinking of red wine affects incidences of heart diseases. A recent study published in the American Heart Association Journal Circulation Research claims that non-alcoholic red wine is effective in bringing down raised blood pressure in men with high risk for heart attack.

Researchers enrolled 67 men with three or more cardiovascular risk factors or with diabetes. In addition to the common diet these participants consumed non-alcoholic red wine, about 3 ounces of gin or about 10 ounces of red wine. This beverage/diet combination was followed for 4 weeks.

The researchers said that the consumption of non-alcoholic red wine enhanced the volunteers' level of nitric oxide. This increased nitric oxide level resulted in decrease of both diastolic and systolic blood pressure values. Nitric oxide is important to human body because it helps the blood vessels to relax and facilitates more blood supply to the body organs and heart.

The scientists confirmed that non-alcoholic red wine and red wine contain equal amount of polyphenols (an antioxidant) that is responsible for decreasing blood pressure.

It was noticed that after consuming red wine, there was insignificant decrease in blood pressure and with gin no change in blood pressure occurred. However, marked decrease in blood pressure (systolic decreased by 6mm Hg and diastolic was lowered by 2 mm Hg) was noted after the consumption of non-alcoholic red wine. Non-alcoholic red wine reduced the threat of stroke by 20 percent and heart ailments by 14 percent.

The researchers concluded that red wine is unable to decrease blood pressure because of the presence of alcohol which blocks the ability of polyphenols to decrease blood pressure. With the removal of alcohol, red wine is left with polyphenols that are helpful in decreasing blood pressure.

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