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Children Well Aware of Ads On Biscuits and Chocolates
  • Advertisements influence the increased intake of confectionery products in kids.
  • Nearly 73% kids are influenced by their favorite cartoons and celebrities in the advertisement.
  • Advertisements of biscuits and chocolates, influence nearly 82% of kids according to a recent study.

    The department of commerce and management at Amrita School of Arts and Sciences conducted the study using a questionnaire that sampled 100 random respondents.

Children aged between three and 12 and their parents showed that most children knew the advertisements of biscuits and chocolates.

The study conducted by assistant professor Preetha R and Radhika S, said advertisements play a key role in increased consumption of confectionery products.

Biscuit advertisements were familiar with 86% of children and 78% knew about those on chocolates. Nearly 65% children are aware of such products through television advertisements, 18% through magazines, 15% through newspapers and 2% through hoardings.

"Today children are consumers of confectionary products and they do not think about the price. Besides, they are not conscious of health hazards. When it comes to buying a product, the first thing that comes to their mind is advertisements," it noted.

The study found that among confectionary products, 86% of children like to watch advertisements of chocolates more than any other product. Availability of promotional items with products also influence children to buy confectionery products. Almost, 66.25% children preferred to buy confectionery products that had free tattoo or other promotional things.

"Now children's preference matters in case of shopping and it has increased steadily. Advertisements have an indirect impact on their behavior when parents refuse their demand to buy latest advertised toys or products. Moreover, parents spend less time with their children. So, when children ask, parents agree. When we got to doctors, they advise us not to give biscuits, confectioneries and pastries to kids," Preetha said.

The other finding in the study is that 73% children like to buy confectionery products because his/her favourite celebrity or cartoon character is associated with the product. After consumption of these products, 51.75% children develop health issues.

Source: Medindia

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