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Yoga for Weight Loss
Are you among those thousands, probably millions out there who are constantly struggling to shed a few pounds and get the 'lean' look? Do you relate weight loss to long hours of strenuous exercises and exhausting, bland diets? You're not alone; have a look at the tabloids and magazines out there, and you'll find anything and everything related to weight loss.

And it's not surprising, since statistics have clearly pointed out to the whopping increase in the number of people suffering from obesity, among other lifestyle-related disorders.

But what most people tend to forget is that weight loss can actually be easy, if done the right way. Just like you don't put on 4 kilos in a week, you can't possibly lose them that fast; patience is the most crucial, yet important step in weight loss.

And if you're out hunting for one of the most simple, struggle free and 'clean' ways to trim your waistline, you could consider yoga. Ancient Indians have used it for years to strengthen the mind, cleanse the body, improve vitality and basically improve the overall wellbeing.

Yoga has been proved effective for weight loss. Supermodels and actors have used it, and treasured it as their powerful weight-loss secret; Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Halle Berry, Christy Turlington, Madonna and David Duchovny are all doing it--need we say more?

The Inside Story- So how exactly does it work, you may ask. Well, it turns out, a team of scientists set out to find out the effectiveness of yoga in weight loss. Their study, which took in more than 15,500 individuals, finally revealed how yoga could actually help them shed a few pounds, and keep them from putting on weight too!

While the lead scientist clarifies a lack of scientific proof and working of how it actually happens, it is speculated that mindfulness - an ability to observe what happens internally without reacting, is what may be playing a key role in helping individuals lose weight.

It is also believed that yoga may help make individuals more susceptible to getting influenced to change their lifestyle and eating habits. It may help them overcome destructive eating habits and establish a spiritual mind-body connection.

Apart from promoting weight loss, yoga offers a plethora of extra benefits. We've listed below some common add-ons yoga offers.

A strong liver- A powerful detoxification agent and cleanser, the liver aids the expulsion of bad fats from the body. Yoga has the power to restore the vitality and functioning of the liver, thereby driving away problems associated with a weak liver.

An active thyroid gland- The thyroid gland is directly linked to the body's metabolism. So if you're a bit slow on the fat-burning process, it may be due to an underactive thyroid gland--don't worry, yoga can help in proper thyroid functioning to some extent.

The right pH- Years and years of consumption of processed foods wrecks the digestive system, and creates an acidic environment, which is extremely harmful for the body, especially the heart. Regular yoga, however, could help you balance your body's pH better, and some postures are known to increase alkalinity of the body too!

A colon cleanse- A bloated belly and frequent digestive problems could be a sign of a blocked colon. While colon irrigation and other treatments do work, yoga could be the most natural and less invasive option.

As for any other treatment, always take the advice of your doctor before you attempt yoga, especially if you are suffering from any other condition. Also, attempt yoga only under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher.

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