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 World Suicide Prevention Day 2014: 'One World Connected'
A recent news report labelled India as the suicide capital of the world, with 2.8 lakh cases in the year 2012. Suicide is a major cause of deaths in the young, productive population of the world. To worsen the issue, the number of people who attempt suicide is far more than the ones who succeed.

Why would a person want to take his/her life while most of us cling on to it? Among the important causes for suicide especially in the Western World are mental health problems like depression and alcoholism-related conditions. Individuals suffering from these conditions are vulnerable to suicide and may not be able to reason out with themselves. In India, family problems and illnesses have been listed as the most common causes of suicide in 2012. Thus, it is necessary to reach out to such individuals and treat them before it is too late.

The World Suicide Prevention Day, which is held on the 10th of September and is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), is organized by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP).

The World Suicide Prevention Day this year also marks the release of the World Suicide Report (WSR) by the WHO. The report describes the current situation of suicide and suggests steps to prevent them.

The theme for this year's World Suicide Prevention Day is 'Suicide Prevention: One World Connected.' This theme brings about the importance of remaining connected with individuals who may be vulnerable to suicide. Some important steps that can be taken at different levels in accordance with this theme are:

As an individual, you can stay connected with those who are socially isolated. If you just extend a hand of friendship, you may be actually saving a life. After all, everybody wants to be loved! We often feel that we don't have enough time for ourselves, and therefore cannot spare time for others. Just try out spending a few minutes a day with someone who needs company, and you will find that it makes you much happier as well.

If someone even jokingly suggests suicide, make sure that you connect the person with a counsellor. You may never know how serious the statement is!

As mentioned above, people with mental health problems like depression may be unable to take steps to prevent themselves from committing suicide. It is therefore necessary that they are connected with the right doctors and are treated correctly. Unfortunately, treatment for mental health problems is still beyond the reach of a large population of the world.

It is also important that organizations working toward suicide prevention should coordinate their activities so that the final impact on suicide prevention is much more than the individual effects. It has also been suggested that inputs from relatives of individuals who have committed suicide could also be useful.



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