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World Diabetes Day 2013
The World Diabetes Day is observed on the 14th of November every year by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and its member associations. The day marks the birth anniversary of Frederick Banting who played an important role in the discovery of insulin.

The theme for the World Diabetes Day for the period 2009-2013 is 'Diabetes Education and Prevention'. The campaign slogan continues to be "Diabetes: Protect our Future". The theme reiterates the importance of understanding the condition not only by the patient but also by the treating physicians to ensure proper treatment and by the government to implement necessary policies to control the disease and prevent it where possible.

Though diabetes is a common condition, if left untreated, its consequences could be quite serious and even life-threatening. Thus, it is important to educate people about diabetes and the necessity to treat and prevent it.

Many people with diabetes are not aware that they suffer from the condition. In many cases, diabetes runs in families. It may start with simple symptoms like excessive thirst, excessive urination and excessive hunger. The high sugar levels have their consequences on blood vessels. This could affect blood circulation in important organs like the feet, eyes, kidneys and heart. Nerves are also affected, resulting in decreased sensations.

Diabetes is diagnosed based on simple blood tests. People, especially those prone to diabetes, should get their blood sugar checked regularly to make sure that it is under control.

Lifestyle modifications can help to control diabetes to some extent. Adequate exercises with a diet restricted in simple sugars could help many borderline cases keep their sugar levels under control without the need of medications. Oral medications are effective in many cases. There are certain cases that need the use of insulin injections. However, even these patients are able to lead their normal lives.

Let us take positive steps on the World Diabetes Day to keep diabetes away from our lives. If it is already a part of us, let us make sure that we control diabetes and not allow diabetes to control us!

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