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  • A survey from indicates that surgeons are the most attractive doctors.
  • Pediatricians come second, with psychiatrists being the least preferred
  • The high IQ, practical mindedness and ability to remain calm in difficult situations make surgeons particularly desirable.
Here's a thumbs up to all doctors, and to surgeons in particular, though for something that is unrelated to their professional life. A survey conducted by the website indicates that doctors in general are very attractive, with surgeons topping the list.

The medical community has been glamorized by famous tall and handsome Hollywood personalities in white coats scurrying across corridors. They have every situation under control and yet are sensitive to the needs of patients who are totally dependent on them.
Surgeons Are the Most Attractive Doctors
Surgeons Are the Most Attractive Doctors

Perhaps influenced by these personalities or otherwise, among around a 1000 people who took a survey, 36% of women and 26% men chose surgeons as the most attractive of all doctors. The surgeons were the winners as they were perceived to be practically minded, possessed a high IQ, and could remain calm in difficult situations. They were also perceived to be "good with their hands," according to the respondents.

The second place in the survey went to pediatricians, who were preferred by 28% women and 23% men. The least preferred among doctors were psychiatrists, who were supported by 6% women and 10% women. Around 41% men admitted flirting with their doctors while they were being treated. It is not known whether the respondents of the survey actually dated a doctor.

A doctor's life may not be as glamorous as perceived and can be quite stressful. Extended working hours, extreme stress at work with lives depending on them and no room for mistake could take its toll on doctors especially surgeons. Dedication to the job may appear glamorous, but it also takes a toll on the personal life of the doctor. Some may also argue that the qualities that made a surgeon desirable like being practically minded, possessing a high IQ, and remaining calm in difficult situations may apply to individuals in several other professions as well, which unfortunately may not have been glamorized.

Surgeons will probably have better marital prospects following this survey. Would medical school students be influenced by this survey to take up surgery? Well, it remains to be seen.

Source: Medindia

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