by Dr. Enozia Vakil on  November 26, 2012 at 1:05 PM Health In Focus
Soda May Worsen Knee Osteoarthritis in Men
The human skeletal system is equipped with an amazing system consisting of cartilage tissue and synovial fluid at the joints that protects it from wear and tear, and ensures that the joints keep functioning properly. However, due to many factors like old age, physical injury or trauma, and genetic factors, this system doesn't function to the optimum level.

Osteoarthritis is an orthopedic condition wherein the cartilage (protective layer between two bones in contact that protects them from friction) wears away, leading to joint pain and possibly swelling. Obesity, old age and injury are the main causes of osteoarthritis.

Recent studies suggest that consumption of soda and other sugary drinks may lead to progression of the disease and worsening of the symptoms in men. It was previously thought that consumption of sugary drinks leads to an increase in body weight, which may lead to obesity, one of the major causes of osteoarthritis of the knee. However, there exist more interrelations between soda consumption and osteoarthritis progression.

DrPh. Lu, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School confirmed that the study took into account the effects of soda consumption on both obese and non-obese men. It was revealed that the worsening of knee osteoarthritis was observed only among non-obese men, ruling out the earlier possibility. Furthermore, this theory also showed negative results in a study conducted on women having osteoarthritis.

Obese or thin, drinking soda and other sugary drinks may actually worsen your condition.

Source: Medindia

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