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  • The use of smart drugs has been associated with enhanced memory, alertness and elevated energy levels.
  • 'Secret Brain', a health website tested the drug synapsyl on Warren Carter, Health and Science Editor and found that the drug showed promising effects on improving the cognitive functions.
  • Smart drug synapsyl has now replaced the drug adderall and is used as the most powerful brain enhancer by students, entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley geeks.
  • Since the drug is found to boost the energy levels rapidly, it should be used only if the outcome of the effects can be handled.
On clinical trials, the active ingredients of synapysl were found to promote brain power and increase the energy levels.

Effects Of The Smart Drug Synapsyl

'Secret Brain', a health website tested the effects of synapsyl over a four week period on Warren Carter, who is a Health and Science Editor of the same and revealed the effects of the drug.
Smart Drug ‘Synapsyl’ Fuels For a More Powerful Brain
Smart Drug ‘Synapsyl’ Fuels For a More Powerful Brain

The results of the drug effect during the four weeks were found to be:

First Week: The drug helped overcome stress and produced a sense of calmness. Synapsyl improved alertness and ignored all the surrounding distractions.

Second Week: During the second week, it made him feel even more energized and focused.

Third Week: Helped in completing all the tasks on time and he was able to control emotions without losing his focus.

Fourth Week: The memories stored in the mind can now be recalled accurately. And the speed of storing and processing the new information into the brain was also found to be increased.

He also concluded that the drug produced a state of well being when he was at work and helped him to stay alert and energetic. It was also found to control his emotions and elevate his mood greatly.

Smart Drugs

Smart drugs also referred to as nootropics or cognitive enhancers are drugs or agents that are used mainly to improve memory power, alertness, intelligence and creativity in healthy individuals. These are a class of pharmaceutical drugs that are legally available to increase the brain function and treat mental dysfunction. They are mainly used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Drugs like modafinil, piracetam and methyl phenidate help in enhancing the brain performance. Brain enhancers are mostly used by college students, entrepreneurs and scientists to sharpen their mind, remain active and stay focused all the time.

Mode of Action:

Smart drugs help in improving the brain functions and mainly act by controlling and limiting the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Synapsyl - A Powerful Cognitive Enhancer

The use of the drug synapsyl has been a direct approach to the replacement of the drug adderall which was being used in the treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and the drug also serves to be an advantage for students as they are able to buy it over-the-counter.

The ingredients in synapsyl contain Bacopin which is obtained from Bacopa monneri that help increase cerebral blood flow by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase and activating cholineacetyl transferase enzyme. Bacopin is known to increase the cognitive functions and enhance the ability to recall stored information in the brain. Bacopa monneri is also known by the traditional drug name 'Brahmi' which possess anti-oxidant and cerebroprotective effects. The other ingredients in Synapsyl include phosphatidylserine, acetyl L carnitine,DMAE barbiturate and gingko biloba which improve the brain functions and enhance memory power, St.Johns wort is used to regulate the mood, glutamine and vinpocetine for high energy levels.

Even though no side effects had been reported through clinical trials, critics stated that the drug was found to be more powerful to be sold over-the-counter. And also experts argue that the use of harmful drugs for enhancement should be prohibited as it would be unfair to the people who don't use them.

Through great pressure, the drug was called out and manufacturers were asked to stop the production of such drug. However after three years of clinical study on its safety, the drug is now available online and news on removal of the legal prohibition imposed on Synapsyl had excited its users.

Caution: Synapsyl is found to enhance memory and boost energy levels drastically, therefore it should only be used if these effects can be handled.

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