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 Nickel Allergy: Your IPad may Give You a Nasty Rash!
Most of us have had skin rashes (visible changes in the texture or color of the skin) at some point in our lives. Contact rashes generally occur when you touch something that causes a reaction. But, did you happen to know, iPads could give you a nasty rash?

A recent report revealed that iPad users are prone to a typical skin condition because of the nickel contained within the gadget's touch-screen. The report also mentions that other devices like laptops and mobile phones are also thought to contain the substance, which is one of the metals most likely to induce an allergic reaction in users.

A report in the journal Pediatrics states that an 11-year-old boy suffered from an itchy rash, and it turned out that it may be from the nickel contained in his first generation Apple iPad.

The boy was treated at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego for a rash that developed all over his body. While the child has a history of skin problems, this particular rash wouldn't respond to typical treatment. His skin tested positive for nickel, which was traced back to his iPad he frequently used for more than six months in the past.

While nickel rashes aren't life-threatening, they can be very distressing and require immediate treatment with antibiotics and steroids if the skin eruptions become infected.

The Pediatrics' report says that the 11 years old had to miss school because of his rash. He was suggested to use the smart case, which provides overall coverage of the iPad. He was using the Smart Cover, which only provides coverage of the screen.

After using the Smart Case, his condition is improved significantly. However, it is uncertain whether all iPad models and other Apple devices contain nickel.

According to health experts, there is no cure for nickel allergy and once you get the allergy, you will always be sensitive to the metal and should avoid contact. Jewelry, zippers, bra hooks, belt buckles, eyeglass frames, metal tools, and keys are other common triggers for nickel allergies.

Remedies for Skin Irritation

For those are suffering from skin rashes, here are some natural remedies.

1. Wash the rash affected area with chamomile tea to relieve itching and inflammation.

2. One of the natural home remedies for itching is olive oil. Apply olive oil on the rash and it will penetrate into the skin and help in healing.

3. Aloe vera gel is considered as one of the best natural cures for skin rashes. The gel can help soothe a variety of inflammatory skin conditions.

4. You can apply vitamin E oil to skin rash. Cut open a vitamin E capsule, extract the oil and apply it over the rash area.

5. Studies show that an oatmeal bath for rashes is one of the best ways to alleviate body rash. Add one cup of raw oatmeal to your bathwater and soak in it for some time. The bath helps to stop itching and also restricts the rash from spreading.

6. The best way to protect the body against the skin rashes is to consume plenty vitamin C. It promotes quick healing of the rash.

7. Find out the allergens that can cause a skin reaction and take the necessary steps to avoid exposure to them.

8. Avoid rubbing skin rashes because it can spread or worsen. If you feel the need to itch, instead take a cotton swab and gently dab at the area.

9. Avoid using chemical based soaps on the skin. Use herbal cleansers instead.

10. Use sunscreen on your skin when going out because heat can worsen a skin rash.

11. Bathing excessively can cause skin dryness and result in flaking and scaling.

12. Try to control stress effectively because it can affect immunity and make the body vulnerable to rashes and other health issues.

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