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  • Samsung develops Smart Contact Lens
  • It has an inbuilt camera, a tiny display, Wi-Fi antennas and sensors
  • The company has filed for its patent in South Korea
With the world turning towards newer technological innovations in wearable devices, one of the leading smartphone developer has revealed its sci-fi vision for the future.

Samsung has reportedly applied for a patent on its new wearable technology invention "Smart Contact Lens" in South Korea. Smart contact lens enables users to directly capture photos and also projects images directly into their eyes.

Samsung Smart Contact Lens

According to Sammobile, the lenses are equipped with a camera, display, antennas and sensors. The built-in camera enables the users to capture photos just by blinking their eyes. The antenna has a wi-fi that helps the user to connect to an external device such as a smartphone to process the captured data. The sensors help in navigation and detect movements.
Contact Lens With Built in Camera Patented
Contact Lens With Built in Camera Patented

Samsung has reported that it's developing smart contact lenses for creating integrated augmented reality experience which is not feasible through smart glasses. This new smart contact lens takes the wearable devices to a whole new level.

Cluster of Concerns

The camera is entirely controlled by blinking, which makes it a much more easy way of capturing images. But there is some negativity associated with this type of control.

Privacy is the major concern that arises with these type of built-in camera lenses. The user can capture any images and also any person they see. Moving with a camera in the eyes sounds to be too risky.

Also, these cameras are hard-to-detect which puts others into trouble. The privacy eroding implications of the contact lens may be a cause of concern if it's developed for public use. 

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