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   Can Pistachios Influence Your Body Weight?
Eating nutritious food in a prescribed quantity can bring wonderful outcomes in treating diseases.

In a recent study it was found that pistachios can lower the risk of cardiovascular ailments in moderate hypercholestolemic individuals. It is proven by the studies that pistachio can effectively improve the blood lipid profile.

Xin Wang et al conducted a study to find out the effect of different dosages of pistachio on blood lipids, blood pressure, glucose and insulin levels and body weight in individuals with metabolic syndrome.

For the purpose of the study ninety individuals with metabolic syndrome were enrolled. According to the guidelines of the American Heart Association Step I diet, all subjects were counselled.

The subjects were randomized to eat either a higher daily serving of 70 gm pistachios (HSG), a recommended daily serving of 42 gm (RSG) or simply no pistachios (DCG) for 12 weeks.

After twelve weeks, it was found that there was no significant alteration in the BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) or body weight in the volunteers at any time during the study. There was no change in the waist-to-hip ratio among the individuals

No prominent difference was noticed in fasting glucose and two hour postprandial glucose following a 75 gram glucose challenge.

The conclusion drawn was against the popular belief of pistachios consumption promoting weight gain, it was seen that eating either 42 grams or 75 grams of pistachio did not lead to either waist-to-hip ratios or weight gain in Chinese subjects. An added advantage of pistachio consumption was that it mitigated the risk of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome.

Reference :

1. Effects of pistachios on body weight in Chinese subjects with metabolic syndrome; Xin Wang et al; Nutrition Journal 2012.

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