by Lakshmi Gopal on  April 6, 2012 at 2:18 AM Health Insurance News
 Healthcompare Infographics to Help US Citizens Choose from a Multitude of Health Insurance Plans
Health insurance comparison site, HealthCompare, has released infographics to help US citizens tackle common problems while trying to find health insurance.

The data compiled in these information-packed graphics help hundreds of families and individuals understand the necessity of having a policy, and the ease with which this problem can be solved.

HealthCompare launched 10 health insurance infographics to help consumers understand the multitude of information that comes with trying to find affordable health insurance. The second five infographics in the release include: 1. Finding health insurance that fits perfectly with one's lifestyle 2. Discovering cheap health insurance 3. Considering whether buying health insurance is difficult 4. Finding affordable health insurance 5. Questioning the presence of health insurance brokers

HealthCompare encourages buyers to make educated choices in finding effective and affordable health insurance. Shoppers consider the following points when making decisions about their coverage needs: 1. Personal need in terms of health care, pre-existing conditions and prescription drugs. 2. To pay a higher monthly premium and pay less out-of-pocket expenses. 3. Whether changing doctors is an option. 4. Affordability out of one's pocket. 5. Restrictions that one can afford. 6. Number of emergency room visits and their cost. 7. Whether maternity coverage is offered. 8. Whether prescription drugs are covered. 9. Freedom to be able to visit the doctor as and when the need arises. 10. Whether office visits are covered.

Insurance costs amount to more than just a monthly premium and often consumers take only that number into consideration when shopping for coverage. Once buyers know the answers to the questions they asked themselves, they're encouraged to consider the total out-of-pocket payments before settling on a plan.

Source: Medindia

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