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Health Reform Website Launched By Obama’s White House
President Barack Obama's White House has launched a website to win public support for the administration's health reform package.

According to Politico, the site incorporates lessons learned from, the Obama campaign's "Learn The Truth About Barack Obama" site, which covered everything from the birth certificate to William Ayers to "A recent email smear falsely claims Michelle ordered room service, but she never even stayed at the hotel."

What's new in the site is that it has built-in tools allowing users to email every page and video to their friends and families, and is linked to social networks with preloaded messages to encourage folks to share the content.

The centerpiece videos are a new format for the White House, and feature administration officials putting a face on reform by tackling issues in a casual, straightforward way.

There's also an FAQ that, when e-mailed, includes a long message full of the facts about reform-in a similar format to some chain emails that offer a long list of falsehoods.

The site will be promoted heavily on the White House's rapidly growing social networks and with an e-mail to the list.

A senior administration official said: "We're offering the site and tools to empower individuals across the country to take this content into their own hands and share it among their networks.

That's the sort of bottom-up process that got us to the White House, and it's what's going to deliver meaningful change to the health insurance system."

Source: ANI

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