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 Health Benefits of Male Circumcision Outweigh The Risks
The health benefits of circumcising baby boys outweigh the risks associated with the procedure, according to pediatric experts.

This may reignite debate on the controversial subject, which has pitted faith groups against opponents of religion who have described the operation as little more than genital mutilation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, (AAP) which had previously opposed the routine circumcision of newborns, said parents should decide and urged insurance companies to pay for it.

"The benefits of newborn male circumcision justify access to this procedure for those families who choose it," the Independent quoted the academy a saying.

The recommendation follows after research showed that circumcision reduces the chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections including HIV.

And it is also claimed that the procedure can lower the chance of urinary tract infections and penis cancer.

It is estimated around 30,000 boys are circumcised each year in the UK.

The procedure involves removing the tip of the penis reducing germs which growth underneath the foreskin.

The AAP concluded that bleeding and infection as a result of the surgery were rare.

But opponents argue that the foreskin is highly sensitive and plays a vital part in lubrication during sex.

Source: ANI

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