Headset may Help Control Blood Pressure by Slowing Down Breathing

by Kathy Jones on Feb 3 2012 8:51 PM

 Headset may Help Control Blood Pressure by Slowing Down Breathing
Researchers have said that a new gadget that controls high blood pressure by playing music could be an alternative to pills to help thousands of patients.
The device - which looks like a portable CD player - slows down breathing by playing relaxing music through headphones. It will be available on the NHS for the first time.

Researchers claim it could help tens of thousands of patients control high blood pressure without having to take endless drugs with unpleasant side effects, the Daily Mail reported.

Called the Resperate, it works by first checking a patient's breathing via a strap tied around the chest. It then creates a tune and patients breathe in and out in time with certain notes.

The music then gradually slows down - as does the patients' breathing.

Patients are advised to use the Resperate for at least 40 minutes a week - four sessions of ten minutes.

The average person takes 18 breaths a minute, but to lower pressure you have to take ten or fewer - which is helped by the Resperate.

The device will be available for GPs to prescribe to patients at a cost of 7.40 pounds a time and maker Intercure claims it has helped patients come off their medication.

But experts point out there is no evidence to suggest it could replace medication.

"As with any adjunct therapy, it must not be used as a replacement for any treatments prescribed by a GP," said a Blood Pressure Association spokesman.


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