Half Your Colleagues Know Your Secrets

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 14 2009 5:13 PM

42% of Indian workers admit to searching the internet for information about their colleagues and managers; hoping to find some juicy gossip to spread around the office.

A study of 974 Indian workers, commissioned by Yasni people search, has revealed that 42% admit to searching online for their colleagues’ and managers’ social networking pages, blogs they have commented on and forums they are members of, in the hope of finding out some hidden secrets about those they work with.

By searching on social networking sites, forums and blogs, Indians are able to find pictures, comments or status updates that may give a deeper insight into their fellow workers and management. This may ultimately lead to better relationships within the workplace, as people will know who they share similar interests with and how to strike up a conversation that will truly impress the boss.

For searches like this, Yasni reveals accurate results; checking a person simultaneously on more than 100 online sources within seconds and collating the most relevant information.

Andy Barr, CCO of Yasni had the following to say;

“The statistics represent how Indians are benefitting from the services Yasni has to offer. Over 40% of employees have the advantage of knowing what their manager likes to do in their spare time and what better way to impress your boss than to show an interest in their favourite hobby?

“However, we are also highlighting the importance of checking your own online reputation as there have been incidents across the world whereby members of staff have been disciplined and even sacked for writing inappropriate comments about fellow members of staff, phoning in sick and then uploading photos of a wild night out or just updating their social networking status throughout the day, when they should be working.

“As we always stress, it is important for people to remember that social networking is just that; ‘social’. Therefore all information should be used intelligently and with discretion.”