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 'Halal' Meat in Schools Provokes Outrage Among British Parents

Serving 'halal' meat in school dinners has provoked controversy and feelings of outrage in British parents of thousands of children.

A survey has found that Halal meat is being foisted on all kids in many schools. About 12 cases have surfaced of schools serving only Halal meat, while 103 cases have been registered only in the Tower Hamlets.

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A spokesman for parents' campaigning group expressed anger over the findings.

Margaret Morrissey, founder of Parents Outloud, said: "I accept that it will be mostly Muslim children in these schools. But if it was the other way around it would be called discrimination."

The Tower Hamlets Council, however, said the use of Halal meat is solely the decision of each school's governing body.

Under Muslim law, animals are slaughtered by having their throat slit to allow all the blood to drain out. Animals often die "agonising" deaths, because religious slaughterhouses are exempt from a British law requiring animals to be stunned before killing.

Source: ANI

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