Haircare and Beauty Essentials for The Summer Bride

by Sushma Rao on May 3 2018 10:12 AM

Haircare and Beauty Essentials for The Summer Bride
Getting married in summer may not as romantic as getting into wedlock during the winter. The hot and humid weather pose challenging times for the bride-to-be as her makeup, skin and hair would need extra attention. Summer brides need to choose the right products and outfits to fight the sweaty conditions. Here are some great tips from experts to dress like a diva for the special day.
Donald Simrock, Lakmé Makeup and Skin Expert, Heena Dalvi, National Creative Director- Hair, Lakmé Salon and Rashmi Shetty, Pond’s Skincare Expert come to every to-be brides’ rescue with their ingenious yet simple hacks.

Beauty tips from Donald Simrock:

  • Our quintessential brides can sport a nude look by glamming it up. Keep your face clean and dewy using a light hydrating mousse foundation and highlighter, and add some vibrant colors to your eyes using an eyeshadow palette and lips using an argan oil enriched lip color.
  • Our bold and beautiful brides can go for professional techniques like color blocking to give their eye a pop of color using a vibrant eyeshadow palette and flaunt an edgy bridal look.
  • Summers can be harsh on your skin and last-minute breakouts, darkening and dullness can stress out any bride. The best solution is to use a natural ingredient like aloe aqua gel before applying any skin or makeup product. This not only soothes your skin giving it a cooling effect, but also acts like a primer to even out the surface.
  • Outdoor functions in colorful décor are dream-come-true for all brides. However, make sure to give your skin the necessary amounts of SPF to protect it from harmful sun rays. Opt for a light matte sun gel or a matte sun lotion.
Haircare tips from Heena Dalvi:

  • Turn heads by using simple embellishments or even flowers as hair accessories that will flaunt your feminine beauty. Add a classic and gracefully styled bouffant with loose curls to enhance the effect.
  • The best way to escape the heat is to opt for delicate braids that you can don with embellishments, especially for a mehendi function.
  • Be the quintessential bride you are by opting for a traditional yet easy hairstyle that will beat the summer heat. Turn to an easy low bun that will help you keep it simple and classic.
  • You can never go wrong with a stylish ponytail. Pin two bobby pins on you rubber band below your ponytail as it will give it an extra lift. This is perfect for a sangeet or a cocktail.
Skincare tips from Rashmi Shetty:

  • Summers call for a lot of stress for the skin specially the heat can take a toll over the health of the skin. During summers, excess exposure to sun can cause free-radical damage, excessive perspiration and skin gets sensitive. This can result in speeding up the aging process.
  • To keep under a check, one needs to get their skin care products right. Never step out without a sunscreen during the day time also apply an anti-oxidant serum underneath. make sure you undo the damage that has been done to the skin with your night cream.
  • Use a good night cream with Retinol, AHA and vitamin B6, this will help your skin stay healthy, protect skin damage and maintain hydration levels.
  • For summer brides, my recommendation is that you keep your skin calm and avoid too many treatments. Use a good face wash which has ’activated carbon’ for deep cleansing because a right face wash can do a lot of good.