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 Gynaecologist Used Ultrasound Probe Like Sex Toy, Reveals Patient
A woman in New South Wales has revealed that a gynaecologist under investigation used an ultrasound probe like a sex toy while examining her.

The former patient, who broke down while giving evidence, also said the doctor's fingers repeatedly touched her genitalia, "at times like a caress" like one might have with a partner.

She was giving evidence in the NSW District Court at the trial of the gynaecologist, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

He has pleaded not guilty to indecently assaulting five female patients under his care between June 2002 and May 2003.

Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen SC told Judge Greg Woods, who is hearing the trial without a jury, that the doctor touched or manipulated the clitoris of each of the women.

"In each case that was done during the course of an internal pelvic examination of each patient," the Herald Sun quoted her as saying.

The doctor allegedly told one woman she had built up tension and "you need to have an orgasm".

Defence barrister John Stratton SC said the women only came forward after a massive publicity campaign which was, to some extent, orchestrated by two firms of lawyers.

Significantly, he said, some of the women had returned for consultations with the doctor after the alleged assaults had taken place.

The first witness was 33 when she was referred to the doctor, whom she saw twice for gynaecological problems.

He used an ultrasound probe to examine her internally, but used it "in a very unusual manner".

"He was using it more like a sex toy than the probe that it was designed to be," she said.

During his examination, "he looked really delighted", he was smiling and "the expression on his face was one of enjoyment".

She denied Stratton's suggestion that the doctor had a glove on his left hand and that he had just brushed her genitalia.

"They were not just brushes, they were purposeful," she stated.

She also denied his suggestion that any contact with her clitoris was simply incidental to a normal examination.

She agreed she had not told the doctor to stop during the examination, but she denied deciding she had been indecently assaulted only after reading that other people had complained about him.

The trial is continuing.

Source: ANI

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