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 Guru Shows How to Beat the Flab Forced Upon You by Your Genes
A health guru has provided some tips to fight the flab that is entirely genetic in nature.

Naturopathic doctor Peter D'Adamo believes that a person's genetic makeup determines what foods make him fat, and which ones keep trim.

He reckons that whether you can enjoy things like coffee and red meat depends on which of six types you are - a Warrior, Hunter, Teacher, Explorer, Gatherer or Nomad, reports the Daily Star.

Eating for the wrong type could make you pile on the pounds even when you're on a diet.

Dr D'Adamo's 'GenoType Diet' book, out in Britain next year, has an eating plan based on the celeb favourite Blood Type Diet.

The Warrior:

Tall, thin and healthy when younger - but middle aged spread could catch up with you.

Diet: Low Glycemic Index, such as wholegrains and fruit and veg.

Superfoods: Cauliflower, seabass, cottage cheese, pine nuts, peanuts, tofu, edamame beans and -walnut oil.

Cut out: High Glycemic Index grub, like white bread and pasta, high fat meat and dairy food.

The Hunter:

Has lots of adrenaline and nervous energy. Tall and thin but subject to allergies and asthma attacks.

Diet: Low-gluten and meat-rich.

Superfoods: Salmon, lamb, beef, hard cheese, brown or wild rice, broccoli, grapefruit, artichokes.

Cut out: Nuts, grains, seeds, wheat and soft cheese.

The Teacher:

Has great stamina and is strong, sinewy and stable. Can cope with lots of types of unfamiliar bacteria.

Diet: Plant-based, with white meat and fish.

Superfoods: White fish, turkey, black beans, peanuts, peas, tofu, olive oil, flaxseeds, avocado, carrots.

Cut out: White carbs, red meat and sugary foods.

The Explorer:

Has broad shoulders, muscles, narrow hips, little body fat and is adventurous.

Diet: Copper-rich foods like liver, plus beans, cheese and meat.

Superfoods: Lamb, ric-otta, mozzarella, lentils, parsnips, ginger, raspberry, and calves' liver.

Cut out: Alcohol, coffee and painkillers.

The Gatherer:

Prone to obesity and full-figured even when not overweight.

Diet: Low-GI and high protein.

Superfoods: Haddock, lamb, turkey, eggs, sole, flaxseed, cottage cheese, spinach, quinoa.

Cut out: Microwaved and fried food.

The Nomad:

Muscular and large boned with legs which are longer than the torso. Can be vulnerable to immune problems.

Diet: Foods rich in fatty acids like mackerel and salmon, dairy and red meat.

Superfoods: Beef, halibut, calves' liver, herring, caviar, cheddar, cottage cheese, pecan nuts, cod liver oil.

Cut out: Barley, oats and rye that can cause diarrhoea and vomiting.

Source: ANI

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