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Guinness World Record Holder Prof. Rela Performs Another Successful Complicated Liver Surgery
World-famous liver specialist and a Guinness World Record holder Prof. Mohamed Rela has given a new lease of life to a 49-year-old Pune woman Gunwanti Gundesha by performing one of the most complicated liver transplant surgeries successfully.

Gunwanti Gundesha was rushed to the Global Hospital at Parel a month ago on May 29 in a comatose state with complete liver failure.

She was emergently placed on a ventilator, and various tests were conducted which confirmed irreparable damage caused to her liver and her critical condition.

The woman's family was informed that an emergent liver transplantation was the only available option to save her.

The cost of a liver transplant is more than 25 lakhs in a private hospital, and the clearance procedure is cumbersome and extends up to 7 to 8 days.

Luckily, in Gunwati Gundesha's case, all procedures were carried out in a proactive way by the government.

Though both of her sons volunteered to donate their liver to their mother, doctors chose the 24-year-old younger son Dhiraj Gundesha since he was found more suitable based on a series of tests conducted.

Dr Hemant Vadeyar, liver transplant surgeon at Parel's Global hospital said, "Fortunately, the donor's blood group matched with the patient and there were no other health complications, so we decided to go ahead with the operation."

He also added, "Since there was no time to waste... the twin surgeries had to be performed that night (May 29) one each on the son and his mother, even as Prof. Rela was en route from Chennai."

In a split liver transplant surgery performed on the virtually dying woman lasting 12 hours, her damaged liver was removed completely, and a lobe of Dhiraj's liver was implanted in her.

Post surgery, both mother and son underwent postoperative care at the hospital and were eventually discharged on June 16. They have been advised a 2-month complete rest with all precautions.

Doctors have reassured that the liver would regrow to its original size within a few months in both the donor and the recipient and that they would enjoy a normal, healthy life.

The woman was suffering from jaundice a few days before surgery, and the counter reaction between some Ayurvedic medicines and allopathic medicines taken by her for jaundice had precipitated the liver failure.

Source: Medindia

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