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Guilty Pleasures Of Britons
A survey of 3, 000 people has revealed that Britain is a nation of burping, nose-picking couch potatoes.

According to a survey conducted by beauty face mask firm Montagne - Jeunesse and reported by the Daily Express, the country's top three secret indulgences are watching daytime TV, staying in pyjamas all day and sneaky midnight raids on the fridge. Brits also savor dirty habits such as picking our noses, squeezing spots and burping out loud at home, the survey adds.

Fifty seven percent of the 3,000 Britons polled, named watching daytime TV or reality shows like Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! as their favorite guilty pleasure.

Forty four per cent of respondents said staying in their pyjamas all day was a favorite pastime, while forty one percent said they loved raiding the fridge at night.

Number four was the unpleasant, but strangely satisfying habit of squeezing spots, just ahead of picking one's nose.

Next was listening to cheesy songs from the 1980s or smoochy crooners like Barry Manilow - a hit with a third of adults.

Completing the trio of unpleasant bodily habits was burping out loud when alone at home - popular with 30 per cent of people.

Other guilty pleasures in the top 10 include talking to yourself, stealing chips off a partner's plate and watching children's TV.

Some shame-faced parents admitted stealing their children's ice creams, and for others a guilty pleasure was simply breakfast in a greasy spoon cafe when hungover.

Source: ANI

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