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Greenpeace names Nokia greenest electronic brand
The annual Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics has named Nokia as the most eco-friendly electronic brand.

In the ninth edition of its guide, Greenpeace has declared that Nokia is a step ahead of other well-known manufacturers like Samsung and Nintendo.

Nokia managed to get a high score of seven out of ten possible points, because of its improved take-back practices in India, toxic chemical issues, utilizing models free of PVC and aiming to have all new models free of brominated flame retardants and antimony trioxide by the end of 2009, reports Environmental News Network.

Second in the list of greener electronics was Samsung with 5.7 points, because of the increased energy-efficiency of its products.

It also scores well on its use of recycled plastic, at 16.1 percent, though only 0.2 percent is post-consumer plastic, with a goal to increase to 25 percent by 2008.

Standing third in the list is Fujitsu Siemens for its new deadline for removal of BFRs and PVC but the brand is still poor on recycling.

Microsoft ranked 17, at the second last position, and scored 2.2 points for its poor ranking in voluntary take-back and recycling programs, among other items.

However, Nintendo was slat in the list with only 0.8 points, mainly due to scoring zero points on e-waste criteria and also ranking poorly on recycling, voluntary take-back programs the use of recycled plastics in its products.

The Greenpeace annual Guide to Greener Electronics is

1. Nokia - Clear leader after improving take-back in India.

2. Samsung - Good scores on chemicals and e-waste criteria.

3. Fujitsu Siemens- New dealine for removal of BFRs and PVC but still poor on recycling.

4. Sony Ericsson - Good on toxic chemicals and energy but very poor on recycling.

5. Sony - Good on toxic chemicals, room for improvement on energy.

6. LG - Improved score on recycling and energy.

7. Toshiba - Improved climate policy, but poor on recycling.

8. Dell - Dropping down with poor scores on climate policy

9. HP - Slightly improved score but no products free of most toxic chemicals.

10. Acer - Good on chemicals policy but poor on energy policy.

11. Panasonic - Needs to improve recycling and amount of renewable energy.

12. Philips - worst company on recycling with additional penalty for negative lobbying in Europe.

13. Apple - progress on eliminating toxics from new products but needs to improve on recycling and energy. (4.1)

14. Lenovo - New US tack back scheme, but still no products free of worst toxic chemicals.

15. Motorola - Only phone company not to set a timeline for eliminating worst toxic chemicals. 16. Sharp - Most points on toxic chemicals, poor on recycling and energy. 17. Microsoft-Very poor on recycling and energy.

18. Nintendo - Zero on most criteria except chemicals management and energy.

Source: ANI

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