‘Green Run’ Brings Awareness On The Benefits Of Tree Plantation

by Aruna on Sep 1 2009 1:41 PM

Reports say that a half-marathon christened 'Green Run' was held at Guwahati on Sunday to spread mass awareness on the benefits of tree plantation.

Organized by a premiere engineering institute, the event saw participation of around 400 people of all ages.

The participants and the organizers expressed the view that events like this would result in more and more people planting trees.

"It is a big message ('Green Run'). Grown-ups as well as kids are warming up for the run. I hope everyone participating will plant at least a tree to make Assam green," said Taibun Nisa, a former international athlete from Assam.

The half-marathon was classified into two categories, one for athletes and other for non-athletes.

For athletes, the participants were to run 21 kilometers, while in the non-athletic category, the distance was seven kilometers.

Deforestation accounts for up to 60 percent green house gases emission in developing countries like India.