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 'Green Rage' Putting Britons' Relationships at Risk
Britons are so committed to tackling environmental problems that they're putting their relationships with colleagues, pals and partners at stake to fight against climate changes.

That's the conclusion of a new survey of 2,046 people, which revealed that natives are so environmentally-conscious that one in three has put off a friend, partner or colleague due to poor eco habits.

One in five would not give a potential partner a chance if he or she did not have high environmental standards.

The study also showed that instead of looking for GSOH (Good Sense of Humour) on personal ads on dating sites they now want GEH (Good Environmental Habits).

'Green rage' is also transferring to the workplace with 37 per cent admitting to getting angry with work colleagues for printing out unnecessary documents or leaving computers on overnight.

The figures published by EDF Energy show that more than a third, 35 per cent, of people in the UK are frustrated when someone they know acts disrespectfully towards the environment.

"It's clear that British people are committed to tackling climate change and reducing their carbon footprint," The Sun quoted Peter Hofman, EDF Energy's Director, Sustainable Future, as saying.

"In fact, they're so passionate that they expect their high standards to be shared by their family, friends and partners.

"We appreciate that it's not always easy being green but it's up to all of us to become part of the solution in helping combat climate change," he added.

The research found that the top five green bad habits which put Britons off their partner are: leaving lights on when they leave a room, leaving the fridge door open, not recycling plastic packaging, leaving appliances on standby and leaving the tap on when brushing their teeth.

Source: ANI

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