by Shirley Johanna on  November 9, 2015 at 4:50 PM Organ Donation News
Green Corridor Created in Indore for Organ Transportation
A green corridor was created between Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Medanta Medicity hospital in Gurgaon, to transport a liver in about 15 minutes.

The live organ was donated by a 60-year-old in Indore. Gurgaon traffic police had made arrangements to create a green corridor. A team of 16 cops, including ACP Ravinder Kundu and the highway traffic in-charge, were responsible for creating and monitoring the corridor.

"It was a very crucial transplant as the live organ had to be transported in an airplane and then via ambulance. It was important that the liver reached on time and it did. This will be a big lesson for people that distance is not a hindrance in organ donation," said Dr Sumana Arora, deputy medical superintendent, Medanta.

"Since Indore doesn't have a proper advanced medical infrastructure to transplant a liver, the Indore hospital contacted us to retrieve the organ. We had the required knowhow, and a team of three doctors flew to Indore in our air ambulance," said Dr Arora.

"A large number of police officials are deployed to manage traffic for lakhs of people in the city. However, saving a life is always going to be more important and we have the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway to reach Delhi where we expect less traffic and is closer to the hospital, rather than MG Road, which is generally clogged," said assistant commissioner of police Hawa Singh.

The live organ reached the airport by afternoon. Three police vehicles and a pilot vehicle accompanied the delivery ambulance to the hospital. The ambulance left the airport by 2.25pm, and reached the defunct Sirhaul toll plaza around 2.34pm. From there, it took only 6 minutes to cover 10.5 km to reach the liver to the hospital.

"We had deployed two cops at each junction between the toll plaza and the hospital. The distance inside Gurgaon was around 10.5 kms, and we covered it in six minutes," said DCP (traffic) Balbir Singh.

Source: Medindia

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