by Dr. Trupti Shirole on  February 24, 2011 at 12:05 AM General Health News
 Government Says Indian Weddings are too Extravagant
As the poor people in India face price hike in flour, onions and other basic necessities, Indian weddings are getting bigger and extravagant. The Food and Consumer Affairs Minister K.V.Thomas has condemned these feasts. He said that the government could launch an awareness campaign to curb this extravagance and bring a new law in this regard.

About half of Indian children under 5-years are malnourished. All the ministers have suggested restricting this food wastage at the wedding feasts. About 15-20% of all food grains and vegetables in India are wasted during extravagant and luxurious functions. If this food wastage was regulated, about 2/3 of the population would have enough to eat.

In recent years, weddings in India have become more extravagant- expensive gifts accompany the invitations, flowers are imported, top chefs are flown in from New York or Tokyo and festivities spread across multiple cities. Now-a-days no wedding is complete without at least 3-different cuisines offered to guests.  Another new trend is using helicopters for the bride and groom, instead of the traditional white horse or decorated coach. Fees for the helicopters start at about 2,000pounds. Wedding organizer, Neeti Bhargava said, "It's true that people waste a lot because there's a huge variety of dishes and they take a bit of everything to try it. There's a limit to the amount anyone can eat though."

Source: Medindia

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