by Vanessa Jones on  March 25, 2013 at 12:10 PM Health Insurance News
Governor Quinn Announces the Creation of a Group Called Health Care Workforce
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announced the creation of a group to be known as Health Care Workforce Workgroup. He wants to make sure that the state has an adequate number of qualified health care workers when thousands of uninsured residents will be eligible for health insurance under the new health law.

The Health Care Workforce Workgroup would be headed by Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr.LaMar Hasbrouck. The group would evaluate and plan to serve the State's need for health care jobs to serve an aging and diverse population.

"In President Obama's home state, we are taking full advantage of this historic opportunity to increase access to health care and create thousands of good-paying jobs," Quinn said. "The (Affordable Care Act) will help bring affordable health coverage to hundreds of thousands of people in Illinois. We want to make sure our veterans, students and everyone who is looking for new career opportunities will be able to take advantage of the new health care jobsavailable."

State officials estimated 486,000 residents of Illinois would get insurance from insurers through the State run health exchange.

Thousands more would be covered by Medicaid, as the number for the insured grew it created job opportunities for hundreds of people.

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