Google Fit App can Now Track Users' Sleep Patterns

by Iswarya on Aug 6 2019 3:38 PM

Google Fit App can Now Track Users
Google Fit now can track users' sleep patterns from applications that share their data, thus, providing them a better sense of raising or reducing their sleeping hours.
Users can also add and edit their sleep history if companion apps aren't providing a complete picture of the downtime.

"With the revamped Fit last year, Google focused on physical activity through Heart Points and Move Minutes. The service is adding detailed sleep logging to capture your entire day, while the dark theme is now official," the 9to5Google recently reported.

Google Fit swaps out the bright background for a dark shade of grey, with the blue Move Minute and mint green Heart Point rings appropriately themed.

Meanwhile, Sleep sports purple color accents, whereas the bottom bar retain its slight transparency.

Google Fit for iOS devices, which were launched in April, can now include a map of users' workout, the report added.