Google Closes Hyderabad Office After Swine Flu Case

by Rajashri on Jul 15 2009 10:24 PM

Google Inc. has decided to close its Hyderabad office for two days after an employee tested positive for swine flu.

"One of our contractual workers in Hyderabad has been diagnosed with the virus. He has been hospitalized and is under full medical care," a statement issued by the company said. "As a precautionary measure we have closed the concerned office for two days."

It has also emerged that the infected employee passed on the infection to six others; probably hastening the decision to close the office in order to disinfect the premises.

K. Subhakar, the coordinator of state-run Swine Flu Nodal Center, said the employee in question had recently returned from the US, but did not test positive for swine flu when screened at the airport. The total number of cases in the country is 220 at the moment.