Going Bonkers Over Math With Conkers!

by Tanya Thomas on Oct 17 2009 10:42 AM

Playing conkers in school can help pupils learn maths, believes a leading British teacher.

The traditional game is not allowed in many UK schools as some institutes fear that they could be sued if children get hurt playing conkers, while others insist pupils can only play if they wear goggles, reports The Daily Express.

However, Adam Gibson, head at Manor House School in Honiton, Devon, said: "An occasional sore knuckle shouldn't prevent children from enjoying a traditional pastime that has educational benefits.

"Conker contests are good for mixing age groups and the scoring is good for maths."

Each conker is given a score based on how many victories it has and the number of conkers it has defeated.

Gibson added: "It's easy to see how conkering helps the children with their mental arithmetic skills."