Girl Shaves Head to Raise Money After Dad Dies From Cancer

by Bidita Debnath on Oct 14 2015 2:30 AM

 Girl Shaves Head to Raise Money After Dad Dies From Cancer
Ten-year-old Tallulah Schulz has demonstrated a surprising degree of awareness of her dad’s health condition. She shaved off her hair to raise money for the people who took care of her father when he was dying.
Tallulah’s mother, Lewis Schulz, first admitted how apprehensive she was at her daughter’s decision. At the time, she believed her husband and partner of over 18 years might not have approved of such a brave decision.

However, her daughter convinced her of how well the hospital’s staff treated her father and was later of the opinion that her father would have been very proud. Tallulah herself was very proud of the decision and believed it was worth the fight.

Lewis-Schulz said her husband, Andreas, had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on April 13. Three weeks later, he was brought to Severn Hospice in Shrewsbury, England.

Mrs Lewis-Schulz set up a page for Tallulah to help her raise funds for the hospice. More than $7,500 has been collected so far.

“I am determined to raise as much money as possible because the Severn Hospice helped and supported my family in every way possible and took such great care of my fantastic dad whilst he was terminally ill,” the page reads.

“I will donate my hair to the little princess trust to be used to make wigs for children who have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.”

Over 12 inches of her hair will be donated and made into a wig for a child who's lost his or her hair from cancer treatment, Lewis-Schulz said.

“I’m immensely proud of her,” Mrs Lewis-Schulz said. “I couldn't believe it. It made me really see how much determination, bravery and selflessness she has.”