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 Girl, 10, Victim of Rottweilers' Attack In UK; Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Correct Damage
The latest victim of a growing wave of vicious dog attacks across Britain was by a pair of Rottweilers on a 10-year-old girl whose jaw was broken in two places as a result.

Rhianna Kidd was set upon as she rode her bike just yards from her grandmother's house.

The dogs pulled her to the ground and sank their teeth into her arms, legs and jaw, breaking it in two places.

Rhianna was taken to Ninewells hospital for treatment and underwent plastic surgery.

Irene Grady, Rhianna's grandmother, described the dogs that attacked the girl as being "like bulls".

She was watching Rhianna cycle towards her when the Rottweilers and one Rottweiler puppy surrounded the schoolgirl.

She rushed to help her granddaughter as the animals savaged the girl outside her home in Dryburgh Street, Dundee.

"I didn't like the situation so I shouted to Rhianna 'keep pedalling' but one of the dogs just grabbed her off the bike. One started biting her arms while the other went for her legs," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"Someone in a car pumped their horn and they stopped but when she got up they just knocked her back down."

Grady said her granddaughter managed to wrestle free three times, but each time the dogs pounced on her again.

"These dogs were like bulls," she said.

"You should have seen the size of their heads. When I got to her I didn't know what to do.

"I just kept repeating to the dogs 'be good, be good'. They let her go and I managed to get her to the house.

"Once we were inside, the Rottweilers were peering in the living room window. We were so scared," she added.

Source: ANI

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