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 German Media Makes a Negative Remark on Preparation for London Olympics
A leading German news magazine has launched an insulting attack on Britain's preparation for the upcoming London Olympics, branding the mega event as a gargantuan soggy mess.

The article in Der Spiegel rubbishes several aspects about the Games, from the clattering Tube system that will transport most spectators to Olympic venues to pavements that are too narrow and a passport control situation at Heathrow bordering on chaotic.

"London and the Olympic Games are clearly not made for each other. Visitors will need determination and, most of all, patience to reach the venues at all. And, for the locals, it all can't end soon enough," The Daily Mail quoted, an rticle in Der Spiegel, as saying.

The article claims that the Olympics, which will run from July 27 to August 12, will be an 'arduous obstacle course for everyone'.

"Starting this week, the world's biggest financial centre will be gripped by a special condition usually only seen in wartime. Its 7.8million inhabitants are about to be joined by an average of 1million additional visitors per day," the article said.

"The already overloaded public-transportation system will be burdened with an additional 3 million fares per day. A total of 109 miles of the city's streets will be closed off to normal traffic," the article added.

"Almost twice as many soldiers as Britain has in Afghanistan, a helicopter carrier and special forces units armed to the teeth will make the city look like it's under siege," the article further said.

The article further went on further to bash England's lifestyle, culture and even the British weather.

Interestingly, the Germans, whose last efforts at hosting the Olympic games saw Israeli athletes murdered in Munich in a security ignominy in 1972.

Source: ANI

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