by Nancy Needhima on  November 29, 2011 at 11:56 PM General Health News
George Michael 'Wakes Up' After Whammed by Pneumonia
Singer George Michael has woken up after he fell ill with pneumonia, raising hopes of his concerned fans over his recovery.

The 48-year-old star is being treated in Austria's AKH hospital after he was taken there from a private home in the city after his condition deteriorated.

The 'Careless Whispers' singer 'woke up' at lunchtime.

"George has woken up and he's in good spirits," the Daily Mail quoted a friend as saying.

"Doctors are very pleased with him - and he's making progress.

"He's been in terrible pain. He's had a dreadful chest infection - but he's been in good care. He's in very capable hands," the friend stated.

The concerned friend also added that Michael is in a 'very serious condition' and that he 'needed rest'.

"This is a very serious condition. It cannot be understated. George needs rest. It takes ages to recover. It is serious - but he is in good hands," the friend said.

Doctors had brought in a special bed for the star, which is used to assist breathing for patients who have suffered bad cases of pneumonia.

"George is improving. He's happy - and smiling," another friend added.

Source: ANI

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