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 Gazza Informs His Family That He is Determined to Drink Himself to Death
A heavily boozed-up former England football player Paul Gascoigne has reportedly snubbed a desperate final plea from his family not to drink himself to death.

In a tearful showdown, his heartbroken ex-wife Sheryl and daughter Bianca begged Gazza to stop drinking and check into rehab.

But after yet another day of drinking a combo of whisky and beer, the fallen star, 41, kicked them out with a foul- mouthed rant and chose more booze over his loved ones, reports the Daily Star.

In the heated meeting in Gascoigne's hotel room in Portugal Sheryl, 42, Bianca, 21, his stepson Mason, 19, and son Regan, 12, begged the former hero to get sober, warning him it was his last chance.

Hotel staff overheard the whole row. They listened as he told his family to leave him alone so he could get back to the boozer.

The worry of how best to save the ex-England ace has been tearing his family apart. They flew to Portugal this week to try to rescue Paul from his demons, trawling around local hotels and bars in a desperate bid to find him. Sheryl and the children found him staying at the five-star Dona Filipa Hotel

They had arranged a place in an intensive rehab clinic with a top British doctor and all Gazza had to do was agree to return home. But he ordered them out and said he would rather carry on drinking.

"They (the family) were saying they were devastated because they'd arranged a place for him in rehab and doctors to look after him. They'd told him it was his last chance. But, to put it politely, he had told them to go away and leave him alone. The strain on their faces was enormous - they looked shattered."

The distraught family is now back in Britain and Bianca has told pals she won't see her dad again until he is better.

Earlier, Gazza was rushed to casualty in Portugal with a suspected drugs overdose hours after fleeing a rehab clinic there to get wasted.

The shambling alcoholic is currently recovering in a hospital after having his stomach pumped. (ANI)

Source: ANI

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