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From Tragedy Comes Life - A Texan Teen Saves Lives
Marc Elizondo, a young 19-year-old Texan lad, was able to impact several lives even after his death due to a car crash.

The Donate Life flag swaying, was acknowledged by his family, friends, doctors and nurses who were gathered outside under the University Hospital flagpole.

Clare Elizondo, shared how her brother played an important role in her life. Jennifer Milton, Executive Director of University Transplant Center said that the lives of five Texans were saved thanks to Elizondo's family willingness to donate his organs. Two people were able to see again and over 50 lives will be restored through the tissues donated.

Elizondo's family was not surprised that he registered to be an organ donor as this was his nature. Marc registered to be an organ donor while getting his driver's license. He was a first-year student at Texas A&M and former salutatorian at Antonian High School. He was a tennis player and was known as a scholar who was very caring and had strong Catholic faith in God.

According to Clare, she was certain that her brother would be happy to have been able to help so many people live again.

According to the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, there are around 170 donors in South Texas who are able to provide healthy tissues to around 568 recipients during the past year.

Elizondo, a biomedical engineering student was also suffering a chronic illness and had dreams to find its cure. Arleen Elizondo, his mother, said that her son was not able to achieve his dream, however by donating his organs those recipients will be able to chase their dreams. She went on to say that the family was happy for the recipients, and that they should treasure every day for this second chance to live life through Marc.

The Marc Elizondo Memorial Fund was initiated by his family, providing scholarships to students who require support at Texas A&M.

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