Fresh Options to Buy Health Care Coverage

by Vanessa Jones on Apr 26 2013 1:48 PM

 Fresh Options to Buy Health Care Coverage
Insured or not, you’ll find new options for health care which will suit you and your budget. The health insurance marketplace can be accessed for affordable and comprehensive covers, a one stop place where you check plans available to you, the benefits, out of pocket costs and comparable plans.
Workers will usually still be covered by employers and older people can avail Medicare but for people who have to independently buy health cover or have problems due to poor health the marketplace will be ideal.

The private, individual health plans sold through the online exchange will provide a package of 10 essential benefits, including emergency services, hospital care, lab services, prescription drugs, doctor visits, preventive care, rehab services and maternity care. Though these are covered in the employer-provided coverage, individual plans did not have these covers.

Four levels of coverage are provided – Bronze will have lowest premiums but highest out of pocket costs, the insurer will pay for 60% of the costs. Platinum will have highest premiums but lowest deductibles and co-payments, the insurer will pay will for 90% of the costs while the individual pays for 10%.

Enrollment will begin on 1st October and a single application will suffice, whether you are eligible for a low – income plan through Medicaid or even when you qualify for a tax credit. will give you all the information you will require to choose a plan to suit your lifestyle.

There will be toll-free helpline, where specially trained people called “navigators” are there to sort out any difficulties you may face; they will help you in an unbiased way as they are trained only to guide you.

The Marketplace will give you control over your health insurance options and, for many people, offer a break on costs. Coverage starts on Jan. 1.


Hannah Punitha (IRDA Licence Number: 2710062)

Bob Moos, April 2013