Free Calendar App to Sort Out Your Weekends

by Sheela Philomena on Oct 14 2013 6:26 PM

 Free Calendar App to Sort Out Your Weekends
MyTime - a new free app developed by advertising exec Andrew Platt sorts out your weekends so that you never miss out on any event happening in London.
Advertising exec Andrew Platt developed free app MyTime that showcases all the interesting and off-beat happenings happening in London and sorts them into an easy-to-use calendar, the Daily Express reported.

The kind of events the app lists include zombie night walks, insect food markets and late night poetry readings.

MyTime, which is aimed at Londoners and tourists alike, has been downloaded over 1,000 times since it was launched last week.

The simple-to-use free calendar app enables people to select their interests ranging from music, arts, sport, film, comedy, food and drink.