Fourth Surgery Likely for Baby Falak: Doctors

by Nancy Needhima on Feb 6 2012 12:42 PM

Fourth Surgery Likely for Baby Falak: Doctors
Two-year-old toddler Falak is battling for life at the AIIMS Trauma Centre and has been put on ventilator support intermittently since Saturday night.
Doctors at the hospital are monitoring her brain fluid levels.

Doctors have said that her vitals signs are stable as of now but she may undergo a fourth surgery if her condition worsens.

Last week, police arrested a woman named Aarti for pushing the 15-year-old, who got Falak to AIIMS, into prostitution.

On Wednesday, doctors said that Falak's medical condition was very critical, and added that her chances of survival are quite weak.

Falak underwent a second brain surgery on Monday after fluid accumulation. With the problems continuing for her, she has now been diagnosed with meningitis, a potentially life threatening bacterial infection.

Falak has been kept on steady dosage of antibiotics.

Giving Falak's health update, AIIMS doctor D.C. Mishra said, "Falak continues to be in a critical condition. We are hoping against hope that this child will respond to antibiotics. The infection is a cause for concern. We are covering with antibiotics which might respond."

AIIMS neurologist Dr Sumit Sinha Said, "She is suffering from meningitis. I am saying that there is infection in the fluid. If the infection does not respond to the antibiotics in the next 24 to 48 hours, we might think of some surgery to drain out the fluid."

While the little one struggles in the hospital, the Delhi Police was trying to trace Rajkumar, the man who is believed to be a crucial link to finding Falak's parents.

Meanwhile, the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) that questioned the teenaged girl who had admitted Falak to AIIMS has submitted its report to the police. The committee has said that the teen could have been part of a prostitution racket.