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 Four Days Old Baby Becomes India’s Youngest Organ Donor
Kishore Kumar is a young Revenue Inspector in Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh. His wife, Hymavathi, a school teacher, delivered a pre-term female baby on 8th July at Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Hyderabad.  Although the infant was normal for two days, she developed complications, as a result of which, the doctors ventilated her, and informed the parents that the chances of survival of the child were remote.  Unfortunately, the baby expired on the morning of 12th July.  While the parents were still in a state of shock, uncle of the baby, (also named Kishore Kumar), who is a Reporter at Saakshi newspaper broached the subject of organ donation with his namesake. He took the initiative of calling MOHAN Foundation's CEO, Mr. Raghuram and enquired if the child's organs can be used.  Mr. Raghuram mentioned to him that her heart valves and eyes can be used. 

Kishore Kumar, Saakshi Reporter, motivated his cousin and convinced him that the child's organs can give life to other children, and that he should consider this option.  He also spoke to other members of the family who responded positively as this was going to save lives of those unfortunate children that are suffering due to absence or underdeveloped heart valves, and give vision to two people.  After obtaining a consent from the family, Mr. Raghuram, CEO of MOHAN Foundation swung into action and had the baby shifted to Innova Hospital, Secunderabad, where her heart valves and eyes were retrieved under sterile conditions.

Unfortunately, some children are born with absence / under developed heart valves. These birth defects in the heart are called Pulmonary Atresia and Truncus Arteriosus etc. The babies born with such conditions do not have proper blood flow to the lungs. They need re-construction of blood vessel from the right ventricle to the pulmonary artery (which supplies blood to the lungs). This can be done by harvesting heart valves from deceased donors. Obtaining small sized valves from the baby donors is very difficult and rare. Commercially available heart valve tubes are to be imported from abroad and are very expensive. Neonatal donors give a fresh lease of life to these unfortunate heart disease babies. 

Baby of Hymavathi and Kishore Kumar has managed a "big achievement" in her "short span of life".  Her heart valves will breathe life in two children and two patients will enjoy the beauties of this world. 

Submitted by K. Raghuram
MOHAN Foundation
Mob : 040 66 369369/9392 456 355

Contact details of family : Mr. Kishore Kumar (Uncle) 9704 013 336.

Source: Medindia

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