by Rukmani Krishna on  November 20, 2013 at 11:31 PM Lifestyle News
 For Dogs and Cats in Britain 'Alfie' Is Most Popular Name
It has been revealed that when it comes to naming pets, Alfie is the most popular name chosen by the Britons.

Other names which are mostly likely to be heard include Poppy, Molly, Charlie, Max and Milly, a new chart of pet names has suggested.

The list has been compiled by pet insurer Protect Your Bubble after a study of almost 86,000 insurance policies, reported.

The director, Stephen Ebbett said that he would like to applaud the owner who called his cat Solid Jackson.

He added that they also have a customer with a mongrel, who is called Taxi, which makes walks in the park bit more interesting for others.

But for every German pointer called Swiss Tony and pug known as Sir Alan, there are still plenty of more mundane names - such as Keith (cat), Dwayne (border terrier) and Dave (dachshund, female).

Neither Harry nor Amelia, the most popular choices for baby names in Britain last year, made the pets' top 20.

Source: ANI

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