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 Food That Claims Boosting Sex Could Cause Permanent Erectile Dysfunction
If you are thinking of buying food or beverages that claim to boost sexual appetite or slim you down, here's a reality check-such items could take a toll on your health.

They could cause heart attacks, strokes, brain hemorrhage, increase blood pressure, cause loss of hearing or vision and worse, they could cause permanent erectile dysfunction instead.

"We have found that some products contain active ingredients, such as sildenafil, tadalafil and verdanafil," the Star Online quoted Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai as saying.

"These are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and can only be supplied to patients by a doctor or a licensed pharmacist upon a prescription issued by a doctor.

"These medicines, if taken without proper management by a doctor, have severe documented adverse effects like heart attack and stroke," he told reporters after visiting the ministry's pharmaceutical services division.

He also added that some of these suppliers, who have Good Manufacturing Practice status, were also producing such in materials at their own factories or were in cahoots with illegal manufacturers who claim to be food or cosmetic manufacturers.

Liow said the increase in sales of such products indicate the suppliers are making huge profits by deceiving the public into believing their products were from herbs or other natural sources.

Liow warned that such sales should be stopped immediately as they endangered public health and jeopardised the country's image.

Source: ANI

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