First Robotic Kidney Transplant Performed in Telangana

by Rishika Gupta on Dec 14 2017 7:07 PM

First Robotic Kidney Transplant Performed in Telangana
The first robotic kidney transplant in Telangana has been performed by the a team of doctors at the Yashoda hospital.
Kidney transplant is considered to be last standard of treatment for an end stage kidney disease. Open surgeries for kidney transplant have seen lots of improvements over the past six decades, but robotic surgery techniques that have been recently approved have shown an immense improvement in patient outcomes.

First robo-assisted kidney surgery is said to have been performed in France and only few places in India like Delhi, Ahmadabad and Cochin have been able to mimic successful results.

Certain facts need to addressed in order to understand the benefits of these robotic surgeries. In normal kidney transplant surgeries, a large incision has to be made in order to have a better access to the kidney and it’s surrounding tissue. However, in case of robotic surgeries, the same access can be achieved through a small incision, which can decrease the chances of infection and ensure faster recovery for patients.

This surgery was performed with the help of Da Vinci Robo system which can operate with vibration-free movement and is thereby safe for the kidney graft.

“We are thrilled the patient and the donor are doing well and the operation was a success,” said Dr Suresh Babu, a nephrologist who performed the transplant.


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