major breakthrough in infertility treatment!

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 10 2008 4:12 PM

A 38-year-old sterile woman is due to give birth to the world's first baby conceived after a full ovary transplant.

A woman will soon deliver a child conceived from transplanted ovaries - a major breakthrough in infertility treatment that will make it first of its kind.

The woman, who became infertile after attaining early menopause aged 15, had been implanted with healthy ovaries taken from her twin sister making it possible for her to become pregnant without IVF aid.

The Londoner, who had been suffering with osteoporosis since her teen years, saw her periods return after the pioneering procedure led in the US by Dr Sherman Silber, at the Infertility Center of St Louis in Missouri.

"Reconnecting these blood vessels deep inside the pelvis can be a tactical challenge. The ovarian artery is less than a third of a millimetre in diameter, in fact so small many gynaecologists have never seen it," the Scotsman quoted the microsurgery pioneer as saying.

With the landmark technique, the woman was observed to have started her normal ovulation within three months followed by normal hormone levels within five months.

The woman, whose body was expected to have a greater possibility to accept her twin's ovaries, conceived around a year post procedure making it the first known pregnancy from a whole ovary transplant.