First Genetic Disease Identification Centre Launched In Kerala

by Shirley Johanna on Jan 4 2016 4:25 PM

First Genetic Disease Identification Centre Launched In Kerala
Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospital in collaboration with MedGenome has launched the first genetic disease identification center.
M. I. Sahadulla, chairman, KIMS Healthcare Group said their mission was to help patients and families with various genetic conditions through expert counseling and state of the art genetic testing facilities in complete confidentiality.

This new collaboration envisages genetic counseling and testing for rare and common genetic, hereditary diseases that includes various types of cancers, cardiovascular, neurological and gastro-intestinal diseases, said Sahadulla.

In the first phase of the collaboration, the specialists at KIMS hospital will help identify patients at possible risk of a genetic condition and refer them to counselor who are specialized in gathering and analyzing family history and inheritance patterns of the disease.

They will provide information about genetic testing and related procedures for further investigations and treatment.

In the second phase, statistical incidence, data collection and community based studies will be initiated.

"MedGenome will also partner with the clinicians in gaining underlying genetics insights into several human diseases and thereby address the pressing health problems of the common man," said Girish Mehta, CEO, MedGenome, India.

Today congenital and hereditary genetic diseases are becoming a significant health burden in India, and hence there is a need for adequate and effective genetic testing and counseling services and in Kerala this new partnership is certainly going to help such patients.