by Kathy Jones on  December 29, 2011 at 9:44 PM Organ Donation News
 First Dual Leg Transplant Patient Takes First Steps
On Monday, the world's first dual leg transplant patient took his first steps in a swimming pool at a hospital in Valencia.

The patient, a man in his twenties whose identity is not being revealed due to privacy issues had the groundbreaking operation thatwhich was done by a team of 50 doctors on 10th July, the Telegraph reported.

The patient's first steps in the swimming pool at a specialist clinic at the La Fe Hospital in Valencia are a confirmation of the success of the operation.

According to Spanish news agency, Pedro Cavadas-Rodriguez, a specialist in reconstructive plastic surgery, said that the patient "is doing very well" without any significant complications.

He also said that it will be "many months" before he can walk unaided and said that the treatment is going "as planned".

Cavadas-Rodriguez is one of the world's most respected surgeons in his field. In 2009, he performed the world's first face transplant, which included the jaw and tongue on a 43 year-old man.

Source: ANI

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