First Biosimilar Launched by Cipla for Rheumatic Disorders

by Kathy Jones on Apr 18 2013 11:01 PM

 First Biosimilar Launched by Cipla for Rheumatic Disorders
Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Cipla revealed that it has launched etanercept biosimilar drug in India to treat rheumatic disorders.
Cipla revealed that the drug will be sold under the brand name Etacept and will be manufactured by China-based Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical. Etacept will be the first drug marketed by Cipla biologics segment and will offer a treatment alternative to patients suffering from rheumatic disorders at a lower cost.

Cipla added that Etacept will be available in the form of a powder to be given by subcutaneous injection and will be priced at Rs 6,150.

“The higher cost of biologics has been a major hindrance, limiting its affordability and accessibility to millions of patients. We believe that introducing Etacept at a lower cost (30 per cent lesser compared to the innovator) will enable access of this drug to a greater number of patients in India. This can be enhanced further if we consider the results of a recent study that showed in patients, who were successfully treated with Etanercept for six months, a 50 per cent reduced dose worked just as well as continuing the current dose”, Cipla’s Medical Director Dr Jaideep Gogtay said.


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